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Work, rest…grow

It’s no secret that the key to achieving visible, lasting results is to develop a sustainable fitness habit. That’s why we’ve designed programs—effective fitness plans to keep you engaged with targeted daily workouts as well as rest days for your body to rejuvenate and recover.


It’s our simple daily formula consisting a 30-minute workout, 20-minute recipe, and 2 x 5-minute mindset conditioning exercises (morning and night). An hour a day is all you need in order to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy ≠ Expensive

Fio offers healthy, easy-to-prepare, 20-minute classic and vegan recipes that are perfect for one’s busy lifestyle—all macro-calculated so you have the well-balanced nutrition needed to achieve your goals!

Deliciously practical

Most of Fio’s Asian-inspired recipes can be prepared beforehand, stored and then reheated when ready to be eaten. Perfect for busy people who might not always have the time to cook a fresh meal!


But first, me.

And just like your body, your mind needs training and nourishing as well! Fio offers daily 5-minute motivational, educational, reflective content in the morning and at night to provide you with the right knowledge and awareness about health and fitness so that you’re well equipped to achieve the best possible results!

To know is to grow

Fio believes that a knowing mind makes for a healthy body. Simply put, the key to developing fit lifestyle lies not only in the transformation of the body or diet but also in the way one thinks.

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Fio challenged me to lose weight and get healthy. At first I was embarrassed, but Joanna and her team encouraged me to press on! I’m a Premium user now and I’m so happy with how Fio is helping people like me succeed. I’m almost at my ideal weight now and best of all, I look more fit! 💪🏻



Through Fio, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t compare myself with others but that the only person worth comparing with was myself. My goal now is to be better version of myself every single day! I accept and enjoy myself now. I wish everyone could use Fio to change their lives. I know I have!



I immediately fell in love with Joanna’s workout videos and started my fitness journey with a beginner’s low impact workout for overweight people. I also challenged myself daily and as a result, Fio has helped me tone my body, strengthen my core and improved my overall strength!



Since joining Fio in January 2019, I’ve experienced an improvement in stamina! I feel fitter than before. I’m enjoying the workouts and the fitness tips—they’ve been vital part of my fitness journey as I continue to focus on my health. Great job, team!



I’m so glad that I decided to use Fio to get in shape for my wedding! I’m grateful for the community that Fio has created for us to stay motivated and encouraged and I’ve gained much knowledge about health and fitness. Fio is now an important part of my fitness journey!



Fio is an amazing app! I find it easy to follow each movement and by following the daily workout videos, I can constantly improve and add variety to my daily exercises. The best part is I can exercise wherever I am, since all I need is the app and my body to start a workout!



I started with the daily 1-minute challenges, and not long after that I was hooked! These days I squeeze in a 10-minute workout before work starts! Like Joanna says, a short workout is always better than no workout 😄 I feel more motivated, confident and stronger now. Thanks, Joanna!



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