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Post-Covid Recovery

28 days • All Levels • 12.2K participants

About this program

This program is meant to help you slowly ease back into exercising as you recovery from covid-19. All the workouts are home-based with minimal equipment. The program starts off really gentle and as we progress through each week, we will gradually increase the workout intensity and duration. Always listen to your body and track how you feel after each workout. If you experience abnormal breathlessness, abnormal heart rate, excessive fatigue or chest pain, ease up or stop any activities and seek the advise of a health care professional.

Daily workouts

Each workout is up to 30 minutes long, with active rest days on Wednesday and Sundays.

Immunity Boosting Gentle Flow

Day 1 • 33 mins

Fundamental Pilates Ab Exercises

Day 3 • 24 mins

Absolute Beginner Bodyweight Workout

Day 5 • 32 mins

Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence

Day 8 • 27 mins

Build a Strong & Solid Foundation

Day 10 • 27 mins

Fat Burning Indoor Walk

Day 11 • 38 mins

Beginner Pilates for Core Stability

Day 13 • 27 mins

Low Impact Bodyweight HIIT

Day 15 • 34 mins

Intro to Barre: Dance & Fitness

Day 17 • 22 mins

Yoga Sun Salutation Variations

Day 18 • 30 mins

Kickboxing Drills for Self-Defense

Day 20 • 37 mins

Full Body Compound Exercises with Dumbbells

Day 22 • 33 mins

Killer Abs Kickboxing Workout

Day 24 • 38 mins

500 Plank & Crunch Challenge

Day 25 • 31 mins

Pump the Beat

Day 27 • 32 mins

Meal prep

Classic and vegan options with a wealth of easy-to-prepare recipes

Immune Boosting Meal Suggestion

4 weeks

Immune Boosting Meal Suggestion: Vegan

4 weeks

Mind videos

Educational and motivational videos to train and nourish your mind

Beyond sleep: 3 types of "rest"


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